F Gas Compliance
About this service

Oaksmere Design’s core engineering discipline is refrigeration. The European F-Gas regulations have significantly changed from 2015, leading to major reductions in the use of HFC refrigerants with high global warming potential (GWP). This is currently affecting both the availability and price of some refrigerants, with R404A being banned as a virgin material at the end of 2019 (but able to be used as reclaimed refrigerant until the end of 2029). We can offer our clients guidance on the regulations, alternative refrigerant option advice, leak checking to flag system issues and overall F-Gas compliance:-

• Awareness
• Assessment
• Auditing
• Compliance

We can offer guidance on refrigerant types and the best available products or alternative natural solutions. We have carried out extensive trials with the newer refrigerant choices and understand what system changes are required to be able implement. With the value of certain refrigerants rising steeply and quickly together with the future availability being questioned, client awareness is important to ensure that facilities remain operational ‘in the near future’. Please contact us to discuss and we will offer our support.

We assess and technically appraise each system in detail, to evaluate if a simple retro-fit can be employed or if more major plant upgrade works are necessary. We simply require the relevant plant details and if required, surveying sites to establish details can be undertaken. The compressor, condenser and services infrastructure can be reviewed with many refrigerant options, to allow future capital planning and retro-fit programming.

Refrigerant in most legacy systems does over time unfortunately leak. Oaksmere have 3 x dedicated F-Gas audit engineers that thoroughly audit systems and establish if there are leaks and physically tag these where they are detected. We provide a report to enable the contractors to undertake any necessary repairs with in an agreed timeframe, which enables the leakage rate to be minimised. Bearing in mind not only the effect on the environment, but also the recent availability and financial concerns, ensuring resolution to leaks or potential leaks as quickly as possible is in the interest of all parties.

The F-Gas Auditing service also enables a system health check and a review regarding performance and condition, as well as ensuring contractor maintenance activities are being provided to a satisfactory level and that specifications are being adhered to. It also supports future planning with the reports providing equipment condition reporting, so capital can be obtained to replace any degraded, corroded or damaged items.

As well as undertaking the F-Gas auditing function, Oaksmere provide a full compliance offer. This includes collating all contractor site details of the refrigeration systems, together with any subsequent maintenance and service reports to compile a record that includes all mandatory.